Welcome to the Arklahoma Driving Academy! The River Valley's premier Defensive Driving program. Our school is an approved Defensive Driving program certified by the Arkansas State Office of Driver Control, as well as recognized and certified by the local city and county courts. Students who choose our school can be assured that they will get the most up to date information in a safe professional setting. Our classes incorporate the importance of a student based program with the learning advantage of scenario based group discussion. This dynamic empowers students to draw from not only their own experiences, but also the experiences of their peers. Our class participants come from all backgrounds and ages, ranging from novice drivers to individuals with many years of experience.


Arklahoma Driving is a featured driving school in Your Legal Guide, a comprehensive resource for motorists involved in motorcycle accidents ,or for those seeking information on DUI and other legal topics such as bail, divorce , and how to find a lawyer.

*Locally Owned Christian and Veteran Business